The rosebushes nursery

Vente de rosiers à Doué-la-Fontaine
Vente de roses et rosiers à Doué-la-Fontaine

The rosebushes nursery of 200m2

You are a Garden lover or a confirmed gardener, go home with a rosebush !

A huge number of rosebushes

More than 800 varieties*

Natural treatments

Treat your Garden naturally with organic plant macerations and fertilizers.

Perennials and other plants

You like a plant that is in our Garden, find it in the rosebushes nursery !

*depending on the stock

OPEN EVERY DAY, in open access 

Vente de roses et rosiers

The rosebushes nursery throughout the year

Throughout the season, you will be able to buy rosebushes, perennials, shrubs, natural treatments, used in the Rose Garden, and also some garden decorations.

More than 800 varieties of rosebushes

  • Rose Bushes
  • Climbing Roses
  • Rambling Roses
  • Old Roses
  • Tree Roses

From March to November, rosebushes are sold in potted roses (5 Liters) and ordered in bare roots in autumn.

At home, find the rosebushes on the website :

*Depending on the stock

The Festival d'Anjou Rose

Exclusive to your Garden

Order your Festival d'Anjou® rosebush

The Festival d’Anjou® rosebush is on sale on order during the Festival d’Anjou from June, 11th to June, 29th. The order form is to be collected at the boutique du Festival d’Anjou at Plessisville-Massé and at Cloître Toussaint.

The sales continues throughout the year at the boutique Les Chemins de la Rose.

The Rose Bushes will be available in bare roots in October. You will have the possibility to have your order delivered (+9,90€) or to withdraw it at the Rose Garden.

The bare root Rose is sold for 18€.

At each sale, 2€ are do,aged to the Festival d’Anjou for creations.

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